Who We Are?

Here at Tod's, we believe that a great coffee shop excels in two key areas: Quality of product, and quality of service. The product part is easy: With local suppliers like Spruce Confections, Burrito Del Mar, Sherpa and Sanctuary Chai, and award winning beans from Conscious Coffee, it's hard to not love everything we serve. Couple this with a friendly, knowledgable, and welcoming staff, and you have a coffee shop that is unassuming and accessible to anyone who walks through the door. Whether you're looking to enjoy the nuances of an expertly crafted espresso drink, or if you want a piece of pie and a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, Tod's is here as a community destination for good drinks, good food, good views, and good people.

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Some pictures from around the shop

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee.
That's close enough."