Beth Wales

Beth settled in CO well before the recent transplant boom. She's been living here since 2001, after living in VT, SC & GA, CO just felt like home. (even though she's originally from NC). She went to school at Johnson & Wales for pastry arts and Red Rocks for geology and fine arts. Her hobbies are rock climbing, gardening/farming, painting, cooking, baking and canning jam & pickles. She is passionate about organic foods and Non-GMO farming. She lives just on the edge of the metro area with her husband, 2 bonus kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 6 chickens. She's one busy lady but wouldn't be happy any other way! Maybe one day she'll own that farm her and her husband dream about. For now, she's hanging out at Tod's in Gunbarrel, working with an awesome group of people and learning more than just how to make a mean cup of coffee. After 21 years working in bars and restaurants she's figured out that everyone has a story, a wealth of knowledge and a different take on the world than she might see.

McKenna Arnold

McKenna was born and raised in good old Boulder, Colorado. She's a student at Colorado State University, studying Human Development and Family Studies. Having previously volunteered for two months in Peru, she has discovered her love of traveling and helping others. She plans to step foot on all seven continents and to learn as much about this world as she can. When not working or studying, she's usually hanging out with her cat, hiking or exploring nature. She's so happy to be a part of the Tod's family and is having a great time mastering the art of being a barista.

Camille Lapp

Camille grew up amongst the hills and mountains of Tennessee where she fell in love with nature and pursued her degree in Biology. Upon graduating, Camille moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to try something new and work for Colectivo Coffee Roasters (where her appreciation for specialty coffee flourished!) Along with her fiance and 2 dogs, Camille decided 2 years in the midwest was enough and it was time to head west to live near the mountains once more. When Camille isn't serving up coffee, she enjoys hiking, camping, reading, caring for her many plants, and cooking up delicious meals. Colorado has quickly become her new home and she hopes to stay awhile!

Gabe Fishman

Gabe moved to Boulder in the fall of 2017 after graduating from college in New York. He had spent two summers living in Boulder while in school, training for cross country running and playing in the mountains. Besides his passions for coffee, running, and safety, Gabe is an avid outdoorsman and coffee mug collector. He is looking forward to growing his sense of community through the all wonderful people that enjoy the delicious coffee at Tod's and the beauty of Colorado.

Courtney Barnwell

Courtney moved to Boulder from Baltimore, Maryland in late 2017 with no plan other than exploring and creating a life she loved. Before moving to Colorado, Courtney worked at a popular family brewery and a local coffee shop in Ellicott City. She's always loved coffee and tea but after watching her old boss roast all of the coffee in shop, the obsession began. With only a little experience in the coffee industry but an eager and bubbly spirit, she applied to Tod's a week after she landed. Luckily for her, Tod's has become like a miniature family. When she's not learning all the ins and outs of the coffee world you can find Courtney elevating her yoga practice, hiking, cooking all the yummy and healthy meals, listening to music, or reading wherever she feels comfiest. The possibilities are endless in Courtney's world and this is just the start.

Hattie Ryan

Hattie is originally from Minnesota and attended Smith College in Northampton, MA where she studied Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Latin American Studies. Hattie moved to Colorado after graduating college and became a children's ski instructor at Crested Butte. She learned how to back country ski and climb and has been adventuring in the mountains ever since. Hattie is a world traveler and has lived in Lisbon, Portugal, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the jungle of Panama. Her others interests include latin and swing dance, making feather jewelry, speaking Spanish and Portuguese, and organic farming.

Amanda Irish

Amanda has called Colorado home for the past 3 years after moving from Orange Beach, AL. She worked for Starbucks for nine years but once she moved to Colorado, she discovered a wonderful craft coffee movement in Boulder and fell in love. After bouncing around a few jobs, she landed with Tod's Espresso and is becoming part of the coffee family! Even though growing up at the beach, the mountains have always been a place of solace for her. When she isn't serving up coffee at Tod's, you can find her in the mountains with her husband hiking, climbing, skiing or doing yoga. She is also an avid reader and loves to whip up delicious food of all variety. Besides playing outside, she's more than happy to be apart of the team at Tod's Espresso!

Reana Young-Morrison

Reana was born and raised in Boulder, Co and loves her mountainous backyard. She currently attends the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. She studies neuroscience and Spanish. She has a passion for traveling and learning languages. Through her travels, she has learned the languages of different countries including German and Spanish and she has cultivated her interest in culture and language. She has spent time on the coffee farms in Nicaragua; this is where she originally became interested in the journey the beans take from seed to delicious drinks. Reana is excited to further her knowledge of coffee by working at Tod's where the organic and fair trade coffee and energetic atmosphere emboldens her passion.

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